Senior Architect - Urban Planner

Job description

The job:

  • For each project you are included in a design team, in which you look after the part of spatial planning
  • You are responsible for the preparation and elaboration of the urban design, taking into account all the different components
  • With your design you turn the question into an architectural solution. You do this, among other things, on the basis of well-structured and inspiring vision texts
  • Once the project is in progress, you monitor the urban design component in consultation with the design architect and the project architect

Job requirements

Your composition:

    • After completing your Masters in Architecture, you obtained the degree in Urbanism & Spatial Planning
    • You have already gained at least 5 years of relevant experience, in which you have already been able to develop your graphic skills
    • You have a smooth pen and can effortlessly transfer your creativity to paper
    • Mastery of the Dutch language