Partner Architect

Job description

The job:

  • As the organisation’s external ambassador you will develop a network within your area of expertise in order to create opportunities for B2Ai. You will also keep an eye on competitions to procure interesting projects
  • Once you have attracted a potential project, you will engage in internal consultations about the budget, the practical feasibility and the draft design that will be submitted to the client
  • As soon as a contract/declaration of intent has been signed, you will make clear agreements on budgeting and planning in consultation with the internal project team
  • Throughout the entire process, you will be responsible for monitoring the budget and will act as an intermediary between the client and your colleagues. You will remain aware of all developments and fine-tune any deviations within the project with all parties in a professional manner
  • Although you often work out-of-office, you can always depend on an operational base in Brussels
  • You will have a large degree of responsibility and autonomy, but will also be guided by a senior partner at first
  • Your remuneration contains a variable part with a continuous increase margin

Job requirements

Your composition:

  • A diploma in architecture or engineering architecture with several years of experience and a firm focus on the commercial aspect
  • Extravert and sociable: no one can ignore your presence
  • Achieving financial targets gives you a buzz, you always want more
  • You aim for long-term collaborations and are a real team player: you genuinely believe in cooperation with your fellow partners
  • Command of French