About B2Ai

As one of the largest architecture firms in Belgium, we have experience in building schools, homes, corporate buildings, hospitals, public projects and much more

B2Ai's employees are...

...people-oriented: Each person using the building and its surrounding area is at the heart of every assignment

...curious: We turn complex dreams into innovative solutions, always in an empathetic manner

...professional: Working in a dynamic, multicultural environment, more than 130 colleagues share their expertise with a smile


A Human Centered Workplace

# Challenging Projects :
+ Complex
+ Large-scale
+ Innovative
# Relaxed Working Atmosphere :
+ Table-football competitions during lunchbreak
+ BBQ in the Business Park garden
+ Participating sporting events together
# Continuous Development :
+ Annual training budget
+ The Architecture Café
+ The B2Ai Architecture Trip
# Inspiring Environment :
+ Fantastic office design in Roeselare
+ Seventh floor views of Ghent
+ In the centre of the lively capital, Brussels

Making a contribution

Sustainable mobility

B2Ai is working on sustainable mobility.

Our colleagues in the Ghent studio have two alternative options for travelling to their appointments:

  • The Battmobiel:
    A comfortable electric car that we share with companies and families near our office, both during and after working hours.
  • Folding bicycle:
    Do you want to get some fresh air on the way to your next appointment? No problem!
    We always have folding bicycles available as this is a swift, environment-friendly and healthy way to travel through busy traffic.

If you would like to know more about B2Ai and our projects, click here!

Office Brussels:
Rue J. Jordaensstraat 18a - BE 1000 Brussel - Bruxelles - T +32 2 641 88 00 - E info@B2Ai.com

Office Ghent:
Bellevue 5 - BE 9050 Ledeberg (Ghent) - T +32 9 210 17 10 - E info@B2Ai.com

Office Roeselare:
Kwadestraat 149A/0.1 - Accent Business Park - BE 8800 Roeselare - T +32 51 21 11 05 - E info@B2Ai.com